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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 9, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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a little bit of fog and drizzle even at the coastline, but if you have plans in san francisco today, golden gate park is full of sun later on, 67 degrees for the high there, and tomorrow, cooler, more cloud cover, and even in the south bay, a lot of sun today and tomorrow, and microclimates are in full effect. the rest of the regions, and you'll notice a good mix of sun and clouds today, temperatures very close to average, vicki, and, in fact, the warmest locations are inland valleys, south bay, north bay, and east bay, but interbay, a lot of sun, comfortable after 11:00, and tomorrow, thunderstorms. we'll talk about if your neighborhood is in the risk of showers and storms. >> i got to say there's no better harboring of rain than six months after i wash the car, always happens to me. thank you, see you in a bit. the weather will continue to be
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nice for events across the bay area including the outside lands concert in golden gate park. those who live near the venue brace for day two of the three-day concert. dozens of san francisco city workers will again be out trying to keep tens of thousands of people safe and moving off fulton street meaning parking tickets and moving violations, neighbors say they appreciate the enforcement. >> by my driveway is frustrating, because, you know, we have to wait, you know, meter person comes. we tolerate it, but, you know, have to adjust ourself with all the noise that goes on until 10:00. >> san francisco police say scalpers are selling fake concert tickets. the department tweeted a picture of counterfeits they snatched. also, police passed along a picture of a pile of citations issued to people trying to sneak into the festival. more summer music events, jazz summer fest is taking over
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downtown san jose this weekend. sir paul mccartney performing at candle stick next thursday and outkast will be in october. now to developing news in iraq. american war planes are back in action this week. this is new video released by u.s. central command showing fighter planes and predator drones bombing several isis targets. in less than a year, isis, the militant rebel group, seized a section of iraq with brute force. now they are nearing the city of irbil where americans live and work. president obama vowed not to drag the u.s. back into a ground war, but some are worried the u.s. can't avoid it. others are concerned if american forces do not stop isis now, the militants will bring the fight to western countries. >> i think isis is a threat to the u.s. homeland. there's westerners fighting with isis today who can come back to western europe and the united states and attack.
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>> while fighter jets dropped bombs, american supply planes dropped food and water to refugees. members have been trapped in iraq's mountains for days. the u.s. military strikes are sparking a range of responses here in the bay area. san francisco saw dualing protests yesterday, one calling for the u.s. to do more to stop isis, and blocks away, demonstrators calmed for a stop for any and all military intervention. >> it's not enough. we to go end isis now. >> this 1 not the solution. we need to protect the people on the mountain that are surrounded. we need to do something, but bombing is not the answer. >> one operation both agreed on is humanitarian aid to those cornered by isis. we have continuing crisis online at, search iraq air strikes for the latest on the developing story.
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bay area families are looking for answers after the cremated remains of nine people were found in delaware. it's believed they were victims of the jonestown massacre in 1978. a man said he was shocked to learn his wife's remains were discovered in a former funeral home now 35 years later. she was among the 900 people who died in the suicide-murder in jonestown. jim jones led the people's temple in san francisco in the early 70s, moved the settlement after criticism when u.s. congressman ryan and group of journalists went there to investigate reports of abuse, gunmen ambush and killed the men. jones ordered the followers to drink cyanide-laced grape punch. one lost 27 loved ones in the massacre, including her mother, and this latest discovery brings back painful memories. >> so many things went through my mind, who are they? are they alive? is it our families? is it our friends? can they shed light on this
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massacre? >> there are some 400 victims in a mass grave in oakland. every november, there's a ceremony in their honor. she's hoping the nine cremated bodies in delaware will be added to the mass grave. a former charles manson family member will not be granted freedom after all. governor brown reversed the decision by the state parole board to release davis, determined not a threat, but governor brown believes the heinousness of the crimes resinates too much. he's now 71. he was not directly linked to the manson killings, but convicted of two other murders. since 2010, the parole board recommended release three separate times. >> found dead in a stairwell weeks after disappearing from her hospital room at sf general, and now her family is suing the city. back in march, there was a wrongful death claim file that
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often leads to a suit. the claim blames the city-run hospital and the san francisco sheriff's department for lynn's death. authorities found her body october 8 th of last year after she had been dead for several days and missing for 17 days. she was in the hospital for treatment of a bladder and blood infection and mental confusion. one person killed and several hospitalized with major injuries last night after an accident. the chp says the driver of the van was pulling a heavy portable pizza oven on lakeville highway. that oven came unhooked and crossed into oncoming traffic and slammed into a car carrying a family of four. one of the parents died. the second parent and two children were rushed to the hospital. the chp says a group of passing firefighters saw the accident and stopped to help. a traffic alert, maintenance work has one bore closed at the
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tum this morning. cal trans workers are smoothing the roadway. that's the tunnel in the eastbound direction, working until noon today. there may be delays ranging from 5 to 20 minutes. overnight closures continue through monday morning. he should have kept hands on his dog's leash. officers are searching for a dog walker who groped a woman near the stanford campus. according to palo alto police, the suspect walking the dog started chatting with a woman last night near the shopping center. officers say he spoke and walked with the woman for several blocks. >> i was uncomfortable, and the suspect groped her on the outer part of the clothing. >> the suspect and the pit bull ran away when the woman got her cell phone out and called police. still ahead on "today in the bay," helping more qualify for mortgages and loans. the change that could boost
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everyone's credit score. plus, parents said it was too much. why a sex ed book was pulled from the shelf in a local school district.
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> time now is 7:10, looking live at seminole, not many clouds, looks to be a nice day. the summer jazz festival is happening in downtown san jose this week, and anthony will be along in a minute to tell you how to dress. fico is changing the way it calculates your score. it is a move that helps more people qualify for houses and loans. maybe even help them get new jobs. today in the bay has more on the new changes. >> reporter: for 64 million americans with unpaid medical collections on the credit history, it's a beacon of light. >> happens all the time. >> reporter: an unpaid bill thought to be paid by insurance
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or not at ul devastates chances of a an affordable loan. >> car loan is going to be 15% interest rate rather than 4% because of a medical bill miscommunicated. >> reporter: they announced they would dismiss them if paid or settled. as a result, there could be significant jumps in the score, easier secure other loans. >> would be helpful, especially with young people like us looking to buy houses. >> reporter: they know firsthand that a good fico score is critical. >> people should pay attention to it, goes unnoticed until you get to the age where you're considering long term and children and, you know, things like that. >> reporter: the new formula goes in effect this fall. this as people will see a jump in the credit score. >> by having these medical bills by passed or looked over, you can see an increase in points easily from 20 to 50 points or
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more. >> that was peggy bunker reporting. it's not just medical debt, but late payments of any kind now paid off but holding the score down, fico dismisses those too as long as they are settle or paid. in the past, a late bill could haunt you for years, but now the score will rebound faster. if you're a no-show to the dinner, expect to pay a fee. there's a fee for cancelled reservations. some restaurants like sons and daughters will charge $25 to $100 a person if you don't show up. the owners say it takes a bite from their bottom line if people cancel last minute. the french eatery has a generous policy, if you don't cancel within 24 hours, and you will be charged $85, a person, but you can get it back. >> if they do, you'll get a gift
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certificate, come back to visit. >> that is generous. some restaurants require a cancellation up to seven days in advance. if your plans change, be sure to give plenty of notice, or it could cost you hundreds of dollars. a controversial textbook has been pulled from the curriculum. the freemont unified school district announced plans to shelf the book "your health today," and 9th graders were to read it, an online petition to ban it gained national attention. parents say the book's section on sex was inappropriate for 13 and 14-year-olds. they say photos and information on sexual positions had no place in the classroom. according to district leaders, they will replace the book with one used last year. don't go away, coming up on "today in the bay," google street view that caught the attention of police. typical fog this morning, something not typical? the chance of thunderstorms in
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you're watching "today in the bay." a live look at 880 in oakland, moving nicely, 7:15, early in the morning, though, and 101 in palo alto, that's the moffit airfield in the background, hazy, but will lighten up. the driver of a car should have paid closer attention to the map. here's a photo of a car crash in little rock, arkansas this week. the smoking gun reports the street view driver went the wrong way down a one-way street. police say he tried to make a u-turn and smashed into another car. the crash injured the other driver and damaged both cars. the google driver was cited for careless driving. the other driver, we hear, is planning legal action. of course. salt lake city is getting tough
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on ride share companies. some are reportedly facing fines in the thousands. in most cities, services like lift and uber are seen as cheaper and quicker than standard taxis, but they are unlicensed. now salt lake city is sending undercover workers to use the services. later, fines of up to $6500 are sent to operators. the city says all grounds transportation services need a license. lift says it's not a taxi service, and, therefore, it's not covered by city law. that company is continuing to operate and lift is paying the fines for its driver. breathing relief, the hawaii islands will miss being hit by a second storm. hurricane julio pushes north by 200 miles over the weekend, meanwhile, still cleaning up after the hurricane hit the big island of hawaii bringing heavy rain and high winds, and even as it weakened to a tropical storm,
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it still brought down power lines and trees. iselle transformed this tourist attraction, rainbow falls, into a raging rapids. on the left, before the storm, and on the right, hours after the storm hit. wow. a lot of brown muddy water, and christina is there celebrating a honeymoon, she did a great shot. >> crazy. >> you let me know when you're on vacation, and i will not go to that spot. >> interesting thing about that that you saw, they got 11 to 14 inches of rain in a couple day's time, and now the second storm coming, they will get rain. the satellite view, it's not a well defined storm, but nonetheless, this storm, as you mentioned, passes north 200 miles. here's the thing to make note of. this center of the storm, the strongest part of the storm where the eye is, that's where you find winds that could reach up to 100 miles per hour. in fact, the latest on the hurricane does have it at 100 miles per hour. again, it's all in the center, and what i've been told on this
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is the wind field. what you'll see is the strongest part of the winds, that's going to miss the islands. that's why this is a human relief for those folks because probably get more rainfall, this system's just going to brush up against it, but, again, the thing to note, that area, the strongest part of the wind, the hurricane winds, tropical storm wind miss the island, and that's why it's great news, even though there's more rain, they do not see terribly strong winds. back at home, look at what we see across the board, 70s and 80s in the bay, and san francisco today, fogged in right now, after 11:00, i think we'll see plenty of sun, and temperatures, though, are not going to be overly warm. just mid-60s in san francisco. the micro climate board, pick your location, the peninsula, 70s, and south bay is warmer, 80s from san jose to morgan
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hill. the north bay has warm conditions, sun after 1 1:00, 82 in napa. oakland, 68, warm in the trivalley, 83, and danville topping out near 85 degrees. we've talked about the chance of showers introducing into the forecast for tomorrow. today will be nice and sunny as you saw. area of low pressure moves up against the coastline tomorrow, and what that means is we have an increased chance of showers and thunderstorms. however, it's not going to be for everybody. this is going to be mainly for the extreme portions of the north bay, and all the way over to brentwood, antioch, fairfield, and this is the thing to make note of. not a lot of widespread rainfall, there's lightning strikes associated with this shower activity, and that could mean more wildfires. again, we'll keep an eye to the sky monday night into -- sunday night rather into monday morning. especially as you start off the workwe workweek. all right, a look at the next few days, temperatures dip a
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little bit as we head to sunday and monday, but really not by all that much, a couple degrees here and there, and as we head to the upcoming workweek, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, vicki, we warm back to 90 degrees. a little bit of something for everybody, cool, back to warm conditions, and the only thing to remember, again, sunday night and monday, lightning strikes so keep that in mind. >> can't complain with that here." today in the bay" continues after the break. coming up -- >> important for outside scrutiny. >> the state is out nearly $2 00 million for the cost of toxic cleanup, a new state audit and report confirms what we first told you. that's next. ♪
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♪ [ barks ] whoo! mmm! ♪ ♪ oh, yeah [ whistling ] [ male announcer ] discover your new orleans. start exploring at [ woman ] and i love new orleans! an audit blasted regulators for not collecting nearly $200 million in fines from polluters. the billing issue is the latest in a string of failures at the
7:24 am
department of toxic substances control. the investigative unit uncovered problems at the top, and shortly after, the state senators called for their own investigation. >> the overall take away is that it is true that the dtfc had problems. >> john hill, an investigator for oversight and outcomes. >> it is important for outside scrutiny. >> reporter: last july, senators ordered an investigations into allegations raised to golden wasteland by a consumer watchdog alleged they are failing to protect people and the environment from harmful tox ps. >> it's clear to me that they have lost their mission. >> reporter: spurred by the report and whistle blower concerns, the unit requested a series of public records like 13 years of data going where shipments of waste were headed. turns out, it was a mystery. >> in our reporting, we found more than 40% of the manifests had incorrect, incomplete, or outright missing information. >> right.
7:25 am
i read that report as well, and what i was told that's true, that number is correct. >> reporter: records revealed they allowed companies to operate on expired permits for years, including chemical makers. >> they are close to two decades or more than a decade. that's very unusual compared to others. >> reporter: memos showed as early as 2002, their own staff recommended the department classify auto sledder waste as hazardous, something leaders still have not done. >> they are now involved in excrete blt studies. >> that's the criticism they studied it to death. >> right, in the report, the public and media and senate well-advised to watch this and follow through this time. >> reporter: some of the consumer groups' criticisms were misleading or lacking in context, but they have acknowledged its failures in permitting and tracking and just this year asked for and received
7:26 am
nearly $3 million from the state to fix those problems. >> there's a lot of people and a lot of liability. >> reporter: she's with the people's senate, the group stands behind the findings of the report. >> you have to think about hazardous waste as the most dangerous substance we have, poses the most risk to the public. yet, the agency that is tasked with protecting the public is falling down. >> you are to be the enforcer. >> reporter: encouraged by the changes proposed by the legislature to hold the department accountable. >> i think what a lot of the sunlight on the agency has done is really spur the lawmakers in sacramento to action. we have two bills. >> reporter: one bill, sv 812 forces them to reform the permitting program. >> i would assume that they, you know, keep a low profile, keep their nose to the grindstone and do everything possible internally to change culture and become much more accountable and transparent to the community. >> reporter: the other, sv 12 49 strengthens regulation of auto
7:27 am
shredder waste. >> reporter: what does that say they made changes in the areas we identified failings and other groups identified failings? >> i mean, they have been subject to criticism, but any state agency is. i have no doubt that the fact that you did reports and, you know, initial report, caused them to take a harder look at things. >> reporter: they decline the request for an interview, but a spokesman insists the department has been working to strengthen the program since 2011 before the criticisms came to light. we are following the bills in the assembly right now, and we'll update you as they move through the house. if you have a story for us, call our tip line at 888-996-tips or send an e-mail to you could be in a car that could catch fire. recall information is coming up
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next. plus, the new tool for international travelers at san jose airport, what cuts down time at customs.
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from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." live to the white house now where the president has just taken the podium to speak about the develop situation in iraq. let's listen in. >> the skies over iraq, at first, american forces have conducted targeted air strikes against terrorist forces outside the city of irbil, prevent them from advancing on the city and protect our american dip pl employee mats and american personnel. so far, this protected targets that could have been used against them, and so far, they are defending the city and united states and iraqi government stepped up assistance
7:31 am
to kurdish forces as they wage their fight. second, our humanitarian effort continues to help the men, women and children stranded. american forces have so far conducted two successful air drops delivering thousands of meals and gallons of water to the desperate men, women, and children, and american aircraft are positioned to strike terrorists around the mountain, forces in iraq break the siege and rescue trapped there. now, even as we deal with these immediate situations, we will continue to per sue a broader strategy in iraq. we will protect our american citizens in iraq. whether they are diplomats, civilians, or military. if they threaten our facilities or personnel, we'll take action to protect our people. we'll continue to provide military assistance and advice for the government and kurdish
7:32 am
forces battling the terrorists so they cannot establish a permanent safe haven, we'll work with the international community to deal with the growing crisis in iraq. as we focus on preventing genocide and help the men, women, and children on the mountain, countless iraqis have been driven or fled from their homes including many christians. this morning, i spoke with prime minister cameron of the united kingdom and president of france. pleased both leaders expressed strong support for actions and agreed to provide humanitarian assistance to those suffering so much. once again, america's proud to act alongside our closest friends and allies. more broadly, the united nations in iraq is working urgently to help respond to the needs of those iraqis fleeing from areas under threat. the u.n. security counsel call on the international community to do everything it can to provide food, water, and shelter, and in my calls with
7:33 am
allies and partners around the world, i'll continue to urge them to join us in this humanitarian effort. finally, we continue to call on iraqis to come together and form the inclusive government that iraqi needs now. the vice president has been speaking to the team in baghdad in close touch with the iraqi government. all iraqi communities are ultimately threatened by the barbaric terrorists and all iraqi communities need to unite to defend their country. this is as we are focused on the situation in the north affecting kurds and iraqi minorities, suni and shia suffered mightily at the hands of isil. once a conclusive government is in place, i'm confident it's easier to mobilize all iraqis against isil and generate support from our friends and allies.
7:34 am
ultimately, only iraqis ensure security and stability of iraq. the united states can't do it for them, but we can and will be partners in that effort. a final thing, we'll consult with congress and coordinate with our allies and partners, and as americans, we'll continue to show gratitude to our men and women in uniform who are conducting our operations there. when called, they were ready as they always are. when given their mission, they perform with distinction as they always do, and when they serve with honor and compassion defending fellow citizens and saving the lives of people they never met, it makes us proud to be americans as we always will be. with that, let me take a couple questions. >> mr. president? >> yeah? >> for how long a period of time do you see air strikes continuing for, and is your goal there to contain isis or to destroy it? >> i'm not going to give a particular timetable. good morning, and thank you
7:35 am
for joining us. this is saturday. this is president obama speaking on the front lawn addressing the developing situation in iraq. we heard him say the u.s. will continue to provide military assistance to the iraqi government and the kurdish government. the goal to prevent genocide. those are president obama's words. he says the u.s. will continue to provide humanitarian aid to the refugees isolated in the mountains by the militant group isis, and they have taken over a fair region of iraq, and there's been developing violence there. the president concluded remarks saying, ultimately, only iraqis can ensure their securities, so once again, we are hearing that the u.s. will provide military assistance, but the president speaking to his original plan of providing assistance and letting the iraqis take lead. thank you for joining us. this is saturday morning, i'm vk
7:36 am
alongside anthony, and we'll turn it over to anthony for the forecast. >> we are waking up to fog, drizzle at the coastline, and inland valleys, not bad, haze there, but overall, temperatures will be very close to where they should be for typical august. mid-60s at the coastline, 70s for the peninsula, and east shore and south bay and east and north bay, a mix of low 80s. we are tracking showers and thunderstorms off the coast moving in tomorrow. we'll pin point that for your neighborhood in the next report. >> thank you so much. now we'll turn to an nbc bay area exclusive. stanford coach no longer with the university this morning. this comes after several softball players came forward with allegations of sexual harassment. investigative reporter has the details. >> reporter: stanford university title ix coordinator interviewed former players, this found a member of the sports performance
7:37 am
staff created a sexually hostile environment. one told us she could not comment because it's a personnel and legal matter. >> 16. >> reporter: the decision is months after the softball team's head coach abruptly resigned. back then, the university declined comment on departure. we learn the the title 9:00 ix investigation did not find the head coach was in violation of the university's sexual harassment policies. >> a university spokesperson told us the coach who was let go can still appeal the decision. his name has not been released. some new technology is making international travel easier in the south bay. they are called global entry kiosks and they debuted yesterday at the san jose international airport. you can skip customs line by
7:38 am
stopping at the kiosk for finger print and passport scan. some wonder if it's better handled by humans, but officials say it is secure. >> it balances in the positive way with the biometrics we would not otherwise collect at primary, so, to me, it gives quite a high level of comfort that this is a good system. >> the global entry program started in 2008. passengers pay $1 00 for the service and it is good for five years. for the third time this year, general motors issued the same recall, and now an unusual warning to owners to park suvs outside. the problem is power windows can catch fire even when the car is not running. the recall covers nearly 2,000 suvs made in 2006 and 2007. the trailblazer, envoy, and buick rainier are among those affected. gm says a replacement part will
7:39 am
not be available until october at the early eiest. previous fixes did not work, and they are advised to park on street and avoid garages and carports. this is separate from the recall announced yesterday with ignition issues with the sat turn vue. gm issued 60 recalls this year involving 29 million vehicles. your sports news is still to come on "today in the bay." coming up. the a's and giants going in opposite directions, and raiders hit the field for the first time this season. we'll tell you how they did next.
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you're watching "today in the bay." you're looking live at at&t park gearing up for the rebox spartan and raies. if you have good vision, people are running up and down in the stands warming up. our own rob maieda is there con peting in the crossfit
7:42 am
challenge. he's a beast. good luck, rob, kill it. over to the cove, socked in by fog, but it will clear up in oakland. the a's look to be perfect against the twins. they opened up, cocoa crisp with the flat top hairdo. it worked. bases loaded, triples in the bottom of the fifth, makes it 3-0. they were holing a 6-5 lead in the ninth, and the all-star close doolittle sets a record with the 18th. they are now 5-0 against the twins this season. the giants in kansas city taking on the royals. it was a messy night for san francisco's defense committing three errors on the including two in the bottom of the sixth that break a 2-2 tie. the royals took advantage of the mistakes, and they beat the giants 4-2 in the series opener.
7:43 am
to the gridiron now, raiders in minnesota playing the first preseason game of the year. oakland unveiled the two new quarterbacks and offense. unfortunately, it was a struggle for the silver and black. sloppy play led to 13 penalties, and raiders lost 10-6. they play the detroit lions in oakland next saturday. still ahead, a new super food you probably never have heard of. how an energy bar at the local grocery store will help more than just your health. a nice saturday, fog burning off, and you'll notice sun today. even some active weather tomorrow, maybe thunderstorms. we'll break it down for you after this. four wholesome grains. sugar. only six? six grams of sugar? that's really good. excellent, delicious... and yummy! honey bunches of oats. tasty! yummy!
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welcome back. 7: 45 9 time now, up to speed with the saturday forecast, and as you step outside, things you'll notice, temperatures near 59 degrees in every single
7:46 am
location, cool over the north bay, still burning off fog, and, really, when you look at san francisco, just about 30 minutes ago, we were shrouded in, but we are already seeing improvements. if you are planning outside, the fog burns off rather quickly, and highs today are very comfortab comfortable. 60s and 70s in the coastline against the bay, and then away from the water, that's the 80s from the north bay to the try valley, and 82 in the south bay. taking you to the cities, what it looks like in san jose, 83. the peninsula, this is where we have room temperature 71, 76 in palo alto, and cool in san francisco today, only managing the 60s. north bay with warm weather, 80s there across the east shore, oakland at 68. trivalley in the mid-80s to livermore. showers and thunderstorms are in the forecast for tomorrow, not
7:47 am
today, but you notice, again, the satellite perspective, not a lot of cloud cover nor any rain associated with this. here's the thing with this. as it moves in, we'll get a little bit of rain activity. the main thing with this is going to be the lightning strikes. we have the potential for seeing lightning and there's not a lot of rain with the system, and the best chance for activity is extreme east and northeast viewing area like napa, fairfield, antioch with the best chances. san jose will not see a lot, and most will be dry, and we will not see lightning strikes unless you're in the extreme east and northeast viewing area. this is in motion, futurecast, fog burns off. at the coastal line at 11:00, and the fog returns, typical pattern, and tomorrow, the drizzle up against the coastline, isolated shower or thunderstorm, but this computer
7:48 am
model is not picking up a lot. confidence is low on rain activity. it's 30 % chance, but nonetheless, any chance in august is a big deal. we'll see how that goes as we head through the next couple days. again, keep in mind, sunday night into monday, we could have showers. back to you. thank you so much. back in two minutes on "today in the bay, a live interview with the cofounders of a unique start up, a high protein food with seven times vitamin c of the orange, and how the business is providing opportunity for women in africa.
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you're watching "today in the bay." gram for granite has twice the protein in yogurt and four times the call see yum in milk. it's a super food you've probably never heard of, meringa. it's aimed at promoting nutrition, but what's good for health is good for a community
7:51 am
half a world away helping women in africa to feed their families. joining us this morning with the story of discovery, the co-founders lisa curtis and veronica. thank you so much for being with us. tell us, basically, this began when you took a peace corp. volunteer trip to west africa, what happened? >> started in the peace corp. and felt malnourished myself, and people in the village told me to eat this, and i realized, wow, this is a supered fu, more nutritious than kale, and people eat it in africa, and also in the u.s., so we founded this in order to do just that. >> okay. tell us about this. what is it? >> what is it? it's a tree, and they are more nutritious than kale. it's kind of like a multivitamin in a leaf. we take the leaves and dehydrated them, put in a powder, which is what the powder is there, and that's what we put
7:52 am
in the bars too. >> one bar you get a quarter of your daily call see yum, iron, and vitamin a, and you can add the powder to the morning smoothies or make a savory dish from it. it's delicious. >> great. you brought it here, black cherry, dark chocolate, and almond. it's not just a business startup, but making. it's about helping the community where you were volunteering. how is it helping the women and farmers there? >> we work with about 500 women in west africa, mostly in ghana. we work with nonprofits to p.m. improve nutrition locally and earn a livelihood selling a portion to the product to us, which we sell in whole stores across the area. >> looking forward to tasting this. what is the response like from those who tried it? >> it's, i mean, everyone likes
7:53 am
chocolate and wants to eat it. it's healthy too. what's great, no more than six ingredients per bar. only four and five, and dark chocolate has six. >> amazing. you're a relatively young food startup. talk challenges you face getting things going in the bay area. you had successes as well in terms of funding? >> yeah, we launched a crowd funding campaign last year. we've been on the shelf eight months, but starting in whole foods in northern california, and now across the west coast up in the northwest as well. it's been hard to just, you know, getting into store, getting people to know about us, brand recognition is the biggest challenge because people have not hear of this, but we think we can get it out there, make it the next super food like kale. >> okay, great. it is in whole foods. >> yes. >> anywhere else people can find it? >> it's going to be in railly's soon, it's available on amazon. if you do amazon prime, you can get it in two days on our
7:54 am
website, and you can find it in molly stone's, and most natural food and stores in the area, and if your store does not have it, ask for it. >> okay. talk about the monetary awards. you were awarded a startup grant. how is that helping, and how often are you working with the communities where it comes from? >> we won a $25,000 grant, incredible, selected from 150 companies to it, and we're going to use part of the money to go back in october, spend a month in west africa working on the ground with the local partners. >> very good. >> on a day-to-day basis, we have a woman on the ground who works with the farmers on a day-to-day basis, and we check in every week. we are definite hands in it. >> this is helping with business skills for the women. i'm going to triake a bite when
7:55 am
you answer. the women, how are they responding to the harvesting and working with you young women entrepreneurs over here? >> they love it. i mean, for them, having access to the u.s. market is an incredible opportunity, making five to ten times average income, money used to feed children, buy nutritious food, and this has been huge in helping them improve their local communities's nutrition. >> fantastic. i have to say this is amazing, dark chocolate, it's delicious. thank you a bunch. founded in whole foods. >> yeah. be sure to follow us online, and kulikuli. >> thank you so much for joining us on "today in the bay." >> thank you. stay here, we'll be right back.
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> bay area school children
7:58 am
start school next week, and yesterday thousands of students got the supplies they needed. parents and students lined up at sacred heart community services in san jose, and they were offered 3,000 backpacks with school supplies, and each kid picked a favorite. parents say they are very grateful for the help. >> i cried, very emotional to know this relief allows me to buy school clothes for the kids so they go to with, you know, new clothes and new backpacks like the rest of the other children. >> if you want to help sacred help, they need 650 more backpacks for elementary school students as well as three-ring binders. we have a kindergartner starting next week in our house. kaernt believe it's back to school. congratulations, welcome back, a new dad of twins. >> crazy life. >> glad to have you back. it is, work is a break thank you so much for making us part of your morning. more local news for you at 5:00,
7:59 am
4:00, and 11:00, and all day on nbc have a wonderful saturday morning. >> see you.
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